Reducing boundary box size

Hello all.

I am a complete novice to SketchUp.
I am having a hard time finding a way to reduce the size of the boundary box on this side table I imported from the 3D warehouse.
I’ve tried looking for hidden components, or items in the box, but can’t find any.
I’m not sure what else I could try.

Any advise would be appreciated.

When I select the table in your link I see a bounding box that fits the object as tightly as is possible. What are you expecting to be able to change and why?

Hi Dave

I had a huge box around the table. As seen in the picture.

I have since fiddled with it some more and realized my mistake.
I had to double-click the item, then select the unwanted area of the box, and delete it.
This seems to have worked.

Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately, irrelevant and often hidden content is not unusual in components from the 3D Warehouse. Yet another reason to load them into a separate model, examine them, and clean up or simplify them before importing them to your real model,