RGB drawing axes are too thin


I have trouble seeing the RGB drawing axes on my monitor, which is 27" and resolution is 2560 X 1440. I can sometimes makeout the red and green axes, but the blue is very difficult to see. Also, the “dotted” portion of the 3 axes are almost impossible to see at that resolution.

Is there any way to adjust the thickness of the RGB drawing axes? Is this in one of the settings somewhere?


There is no way to configure this in SketchUp (same as the snapping aperture/distance, and other UI elements).

You can…

  • Create edges along the axes in the colors of your choice, group them and save them in your template.
  • Enable per-application scaling if available on your operating system. It downsamples the application and thus individual application features appear bigger. However, this solution is broken in current SketchUp releases
  • Reduce the global screen resolution. Makes everything blurry.
  • Unfortunately we can not make an extension to draw the axes thicker; an extension can only draw when its tool is selected as the active tool.


thank you for the quick response…none of the options that were suggested seem very good…am I the only one with this problem? Could this be addressed in a future release?


Could this be addressed in a future release?

Without giving an exact time (I’m not affialiated or in charge), but “future” as in 13 months, possibly.

am I the only one with this problem?

I have a 3K monitor/laptop, I can’t distinguish single pixels that belong to a shape, but my eye sight is good enough to see isolated pixels/lines without problem. I have been pushing the issue and its increasing relevance for a year, but when it’s time to consider features it has not enough priority, and when it’s getting severely relevant for more users it is too late for new features.

Another idea: Do you have anti-aliasing turned off, or can you do so? Without it edges become pixelated but easier to recognize. Maybe additionally increase screen brightness or move the monitor nearer.


Extending the idea of display adjustments @t4d, have you tried adjusting the background color in SU to enhance contrast?


Geo, I followed your suggestion and adjusted the background color…that seems to make it easier for me to distinguish the RGB axes…thanks for the very good idea


Hi. The easiest way to solve this is to set your monitor to a lower resolution, like 1024x768 in your Windows desktop preferences. The problem you’re experiencing is because of your high resolution monitor. You main find this a pain to keep switching back and forth.