RfE: Push/Pull should be extended to work with (coplanar) lines too

for polylines in a plane only of course.

Would be very handy for creating a joint face to intersect/blend/split (non-planar) objects.

I know, there are plugins, but this category is for feature requests which help to improve native SU.

Please expand on this a bit as I don’t understand. Pushpull extrudes a face along the direction of its normal vector. What direction is equivalent to normal for an edge?

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for a “polyline in a plane” created by e.g. the freehand tool the mormal vector stands perpendicular on the plane.

It’s still not clear what you wish to gain with your request.
Connecting the ends of such a “polyline in a plane” with the ‘Line’ tool would give you a separated face that you can pull up. Then deleting both new edges (top and bottom) leaves you with the desired curved surface of the extruded polyline. But you know all this already.

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sure, but I thought the “Feature Requests” section is for improving SU and not for describing workarounds… similar intuitive as mirroring by scaling w/ factor “-1”…

The better is the enemy of the good, but you know this already.

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I think I understand this request, and if I am understanding correctly, it could be considered a feature request. Imagine I draw a curved line on a single flat plane, as so.

It would seem reasonable to be able to “pull” it vertically to create a sheet, as so:

Right now, this isn’t possible without first offsetting the path, pushing it up, and then deleting all the undesired geometry. Being able to “pull” a line to create a complex sheet could be a feature.


I don’t really know. When at it, why not allow any vector and support non-planar edges too? What about multiples faces?

Push Pull already has a very clear and defined scope. If that scope is extended this much (to a brand new entity type) it’s not clear to me where it should end and why.

Edit: It could be argued that co-planar edges should be supported, but the scope should end there, for consistency with Offset but I’m not yet convinced.

Push pull has a defined scope, and it is limited to single faces on a single plane. Extending it to lines on a single plane doesn’t seem like a huge push at all. In fact, this feature would have been very helpful to me on several occasions, even though the workaround is not difficult at all.