Customizing Sketchup features


question 1
It seems that almost every time i draw a closed figure [rectangle, circle, triangle…] the figure’s interior is turned into a solid plane.
can i turn this feature off? can i turn it off and on?
question 2
when i, for example, draw a line so it intersects another line, these two lines become four.
is it possible to turn off this feature? i would like to not have lines or planes divided when they intersect.
question 3
the push/pull command works great for turning a plane into a 3-D form, but is there a command where i can push/pull a line? in other words, is it possible to extend or curtail the length of a line?


Hello I had the same problem, the quick fix is to select the middle of the square (or whatever) then right click then select erase then paint the square white ( or the colour of your choice). Trust this works for you, I have been having problems with SketchUp since I installed Windows10 & with Skype. The pan tool is not working.


question 1:
faces are created automatically for closed planar edges loop. You can delete the face afterwards.

question 2:
No, you can separte them in different groups/components to prevent the intersection

question 3:
direct: with plugins (e.G. Extrude tools from TIG)

Edit: after reading @Gully_Foyle answer, I think I misinterpreted the part with “push pull a line”, so many possible directions :wink:


With nothing selected, pick the Move tool, and hover it over an endpoint you’d like to move (to lengthen or shorten an edge). You’ll see a green dot and the tooltop Endpoint when you’re over the endpoint. Click the endpoint and move it to a new location. Click again to end the operation. Naturally, you can use inferencing to extend the edge along an axis or along its own vector.



FWIW, @Cotty, I’m extremely impressed by the command you and some of our other non-native English speaking regulars have over the English language. You speak and interpret English better than most native speakers I encounter.



Hello, there is a plug-in in the Extension Warehouse that will take care of question number 2. Eneroth Edge Break toggle it is called and is ~ free ~ by Eneroth3. It works on edges and all closed loop faces… should be what you need…Peace…

15-10-20_15-00_0001.avi (2.0 MB)

15-10-20_15-13_0001.avi (1.6 MB)


thanks for your reply.
I am operating off of a Mac platform. your algorithm doesn’t seem to function on Mac.


Me or alpine29 ??? not sure who you mean…


1: you can switch between surface and wireframe mode easily

2: making groups of geometry, isolates it from further geometry

3: as others have indicated, ‘Move Tool’ can extend lines…

btw: I’m on a mac as well, but all these things work for both platforms…



John D-
thanks very much for intro ducting me to this most helpful setting.


There is at least one plugin which extrudes a selected line/polyline - Projections. The button is called ‘Extrude lines along vector’.


In my experience, this tool is the best method for generating face with line.

Extrude line tool

Thumbs up for @TIG and Didier Bur

I even assigned a shortcut to use this tool.
As I use it all the time when creating complex geometry


My own Extrusion toolset:
contains two related tools:
EEbyVector which takes selected edges and extrudes them into a face along a picked vector [or vectors]
EEbyVectorToObject which is similar but if you extrude ‘through’ another object or objects [i.e. faces etc] then the newly extruded faces are trimmed to the object that it intersects…