Any extension allows continuous line drawing line even when face is closed?

Hi everybody.

Do you guys know if there is any extension, key modifier or work flow that allows me continue drawing lines even when a face is complete?

Let’s put this on the context they’re not straight lines.


If there would not be any extension to do this, do you think it would be useful? I think it could be, but I want your opinions before writing on the thread of wish list features.

Thanks in advance.

You’re always looking for the fastest way to do things? Why do all that work? Why not use Curviloft and be done with it?

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Well, it was only a doubt, it’s not a big deal, I’m afraid you don’t like people that want everything inmediatly :smile:
I should say optimal instead of faster.
Optimal for me means the better ratio between effort, time and result (maybe I forgot some element).
I have curviloft installed, I agree on using it, it’s an excelent tool, I only tried it a few times but I will do again when I need it.
SketchUP has the following options, I don’t see any problem in asking for including one option more if people think it could be useful. I can live without that option, no problem :smile:

Not at all. I’m all for doing things efficiently and quickly. That’s why I’ve suggested Curviloft several times in the last couple of days. Work smarter, not harder.

About the using of Curviloft for circunstances like the ones we were reading last days I think it would be something like this. And yes, I did it in a sec (a little bit more :slight_smile: ) Endpoints and hidden geometry turned on both.

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