Line tool - continuous line not working?


Just a quick question:
Using the line tool I was able to draw a “continuous” line, meaning I click once, starting the line, click a second, third, fourht and so on time and there will be a line connecting the clicks.
But now I click once, start a line, and click a second time - ending the line. I have to click again to start another line and so on.

Anyone knows what is going on there? How can I change that?

Another question that just came to me: Is there a way to use the push-pull tool in a different direction than vertical to the plane the face is in?


try if toggling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Fast Feedback” helps.


No, no difference.


any new plugins installed?


Yes indeed, Chris Fullmer Center on origin, Zorro2 and Cleanup^3.


Preferences>Drawing. Make sure Continue line drawing is checked on.

For Push/Pull in some direction other than the normal of the face, just Vector Push/Pull which is part of the Joint Push/Pull extension by Fredo. Available from Sketchucation.


Thank you so much for the answer on the second part! Nice. Sketchucation is different from the extension warehouse, right?

And for the line: None of the settings there made a difference. Still cannot draw a “continous” line.


Are you drawing across other geometry? Line drawing stops when you create a closed loop of edges. If you draw a line from one side of a face to another, you create a closed loop and line drawing will stop.

How about showing us what you are drawing and trying to do?

Yes. Sketchucation is different from the Extension Warehouse.


Hey you’re right. I’m trying to follow this tutorial.
At 2:41 he finishes the line on top of the model and then selects the complete line.

With your help I just figured out that I was editing the model while drawing the line, instead I should have “unselected” the group and then draw the line on top of it.

Now I can draw a continuous line, thank you!


Excellent! I was kind of going to go there next and suggest that you make a group or component and draw the lines outside of it.


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