When line drawing is continuous or not?

Lately I’ve encountered a question that I seem to have ignored over the many years. When is line drawing continuous or not? Sometimes I can draw point to point with one click and the line tool draws a new edge. Other times I must click twice on each point for it draw the next edge. I know I can use esc to skip a edge while keeping the tool active. It could depend on the context. In “stitching” to points in the active context, I’d prefer to hit each point once. Is there a way to “pre-set” the behavior or predict it?

Normally the drawing continues until you complete a planar loop of edges that will support a face. So if you start in an empty model space and start making edges, when you come complete the loop, the tool should stop drawing. If you then draw edges across the face, you’ll keep drawing until you divide the face.

You might try adjusting this checkbox in preferences.

Thanks. I checked the preferences and I do have that checked. So I can prevent continuous drawing by unchecking. Also exactly what I see in stitching between existing points: as i create a face the tool needs a second click on that point to continue. I guess that’s just how it’s going to be.

There are times when continuing the lines’ drawing is wanted…
I’d leave it checked…

If you really need to break that picked point linking then all you need to do is simply press L [for the short-cut to Line] so that the line-tool starts again from a new start ?

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In point-to-point stitching where a face gets created, the line tool is kept active. If a new face is made it just wants a new starting point. In a way this is an understandable choice. The feature assumes after face creation it’s best to give the user a fresh pick. Probably intuitive for basic shape creation

Whereas in stitching an existing form I want to continue from that point.

Actually I was looking for a way to keep the one-click linking, regardless of whether a face is made, and not have to double-click here, but one-click there.Now that I know I won’t expect otherwise.