Making a face with Line Tool

Hi guys. I’m following this tutorial on Youtube and I’m having trouble getting the Line Tool to work in the same manner as this guys–despite us both using Make 2017 (though I’m on Windows and he’s on Mac).

At the 4:24 mark, he goes to use the line tool to follow a mitered board. He goes from the top left corner, down to the bottom left, then bottom right, top right, and back to the top left. When I perform the same action, it seems my line tool stops the line after choosing the bottom left (i.e. the line is not continuous). I do have the “Continue line drawing” option selected.

Here’s a video of my performing the same task. You can see that I am able to make a solid face, but it’s not so much a separate object but instead an extension of the top and bottom parts of the cabinet.


You haven’t made the top panel a component. Go back a minute or so and watch him make the top and bottom.

dude…you’re totally right. how could you tell? I thought I had but it looked like I had only made a face a panel.

It is quite clear in your vid, because you have profiles turned on the outer edges of things show thicker.
When you draw the top diagonal and it closes the face but leaves a thin edge it is clear that that edge is dividing two faces, which it wouldn’t do if the rest of the geometry was grouped/componented.

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