About Extend Command

hello everyone!
I’ll make it quick… is there a command like “Autocad Extend” in sketchup?
there is a extension (s4u connect) but it’s not free and I think this is not major problem!

There isn’t a native command or tool for that, thus the extension. If you need that sort of thing and your time is worth anything, the cost of the extension is trivial.

You can use the Line tool, or even the Move tool in most cases to achieve the same effect.

Select the Line tool. Hover the mouse pointer over the edge you want to extend, then press the Shift key to ‘lock’ the Line tool to draw along the edge, and draw out the edge to extend it.

If the edge is free at one end, you can use the Move tool instead. Again, select the tool, hover the mouse pointer over the edge, press Shift, then select the endpoint by hovering the mouse over it, then Move it.

To remove the extra endpoint created by the Line tool, draw a temporary short line from it at an angle to the edge. Then delete the edge you have just drawn. That forces SU to ‘clean up’ the original Extended line, and remove the intersection point.


Thank you very much :pray:

Glad you found it helpful.

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