Stretch - lenghten line



Hello, Sketchupers! What is best way to stretch line? How to lenghten line, often needed to extend one line to touch other one. Thanks for ideas. George


Use the Move tool. Don’t preselect anything. Just get the Move tool and click on the end you need to move. Move it until it snaps to the other line’s endpoint.


Yeah, damned easy without preselecting. Super :slight_smile: Thanks. But, anyway, one more question: how to keep direction of stretched line when it is not ortogonal (it doesn´t snap to itself, it doesn´t take magenta color)


One easy way to do that is first set a guideline on the line. Get the Tape Measure tool and double click on the line. then you can follow that guideline with the cursor.

By the way, guidelines are very helpful but the space can get cluttered with them in a hurry. I set up a keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete Guides so I can quickly get rid of them after they’ve served their purpose.


Thanks a lot DAVE, very helpfull !


Even easier is to put your mouse cursor on the edge without clicking. and press and hold down Shift when the “On Edge” tooltip appears. Then click on the endpoint and drag it to its new position.



And (once again) inferencing to existing geometry is very powerful: (some examples)

  • extending the edge to intersect any planar edge or its virtual extention (intersect " its direction")
  • extending the edge to intersect the plane of any faces
  • extend the edge, using inference on some endpoint, so its shown dashed connection to this used inferencing endpoint is perpendicular to the extended edge.

p.s. numerical input as desired extension is also possible.