Stretching without distortion

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I’m a beginner so sorry for my non-precise use of terms!

I’m having a component that has 45 degree ends on both ends (it’s a side element of a box).
As the box would have a short and a long side I’d like to draw the side element once and then stretch it to the right size yet keep the 45 degree endings.
So far, anything I tried the 45 degree endings got distorted.
Any idea?
Self-evidently, I don’t only need to stretch it but also need to give a specific size for the outer (the longer) side of the element.
Looking forward to hearing from you SketchUpers!
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hello, don’t use the scale function, but edit your group / component and use the move tool



Oh my… is that so simple?!
Thanks! :pray:
One more question: is there any way to stretch it and - in the same time - defining the side’s length (the outer, the longer one in this case)?

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Use the tape measure tool. Click one corner point on the long end of the miter. Move the tool the direction you want to stretch. Type the dimension you want. You should now have a guide point.

Edit the component or group as above, select the mitered end, click the corner point of the miter, drag it to your guide point.

It will help to press up arrow, left arrow, or right arrow to lock the movement into an axis.

Before you go too far I suggest doing the tutorials at


Hey bmike,

In the meantime I think I’ve just finally did it - probably as you told (or something similar).

You’re right and I’ve been doing Square One on YouTube for a while.
Can’t wait to become an everyday user of SketchUp!

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You got there but not what bmike was describing.
By starting at an endpoint you get a guide point rather than a guideline.
Much of a muchness though depending on what you need.
GIF 27-05-2024 9-34-09 PM

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Yes, I know.
The reason I haven’t used tape measure this way is that I still don’t know how can I delete a two-end-point measure line after the stretching.
It “melts” into the component and I can’t delete that line without deleting everything else. :confused:

Go Menu/Edit/Delete guides.

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I’ll just add this, don’t try to select the guidepoint itself, select the tail.
You can see here even though it is raw geometry I can still select the tail of the guidepoint and delete it.
GIF 27-05-2024 10-17-50 PM

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Box.skp (205.0 KB)

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One of the most useful “mini-tools” I discovered is “Stretch By Area” from TAK2HATA

It lets you select some points in an object…


And then move the entire collection of points to a new location:


This stretches precisely the geometry you need, without distorting anything else:

You can move anything in any direction:

Just be careful that you’re not selecting something else in the background, which you may not realize, but this extension will move those points just as well.

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