How to extend a line automatically?

I wish there was a way to extend a line to the next limit like in Autocad
The autocad command is very useful for lots of things.

for ex: I want to make this lines reach the line above it

You can use the Move tool to extend a single line at a time, for what that’s worth. With nothing selected, activate the Move tool and hover the cursor over an ent point. You can then click and move the end point (with the typical SketchUp features for typing a distance, inferencing, inference locking, etc.).

The Scale tool could be used to stretch a set of identical lines to make them longer or shorter, I think.

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its takes so much time to do this with move tool…I wish there are autocad command in the next version of Sketchup. Also a chamfer command… Architects are slowly changing the autocad to skp. Trimble are loosing money for not trying to give skp a little bit of autocad.

My 2dTools set has trim/extend/adjust - and many more tools.
Look at it here…


You can wish all you want, SketchUp is never going to be “like” AutoCAD…
There are countless extensions you can use to do everything you want, just do a little searching here, on Extension Warehouse or Sketchucation…

@TIG I keep discovering new awesome stuff you’ve made!

This is a neat repository of tutorials for TIG’s and others’ extensions:


See this SU file for ideas.

Extending lines.skp (89.1 KB)

There might be a good reason, but this topic begs the question “why were those lines drawn short in the first place?”. Perhaps a change in workflow would avoid the need to extend them?


Because there was another drawings connected to it that I had to erase it

Thank you very much Jean!!