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I am in search of an Extension/Plugin which will extend two lines to meet at a point.

I did come across several plugins that does this function, but some are buggy, or simply doesn’t work.

I also would like the lines to be extended without additional segment. without a break in between, so I don’t have to clean that up later.

*The functionality I need would be very similar to the trim function in Revit.

Yes, this can be done with just using line tool and following magenta inference, but it involves many steps. (extend and cleanup)

I suppose there is a plugin made for it for such simple functionality, i just failed to find one so far.

Please let me know if you are aware of this functionality plugin.

Thank you!


BTW, edge tools by Thomthom does some of this, but only with certain tolerance. Something with similar functionality would be good.


Did you try the Extend Close Lines script from Smustard? Or Matt666’s Extend Tool?


In your example it would be 4 clicks with the move tool and no clean up. Probably faster than selecting and activating a plugin.
Are you looking at something more complex?


I will try one by Smustard.

I couldn’t get Matt666’s tool to work.


I often encounter drawing up some shapes crudely, and having to clean them up later on.

As it has to be certain angles, and certain distances, it won’t be complex necessarily. but 4 clicks each for 20 different junctions can add up. :smiley:


Are you drawing them crudely? Or are others?


in this case, I am.

I’ve looked at Smustard’s plugin which had a quite high pricetag and no option to try out. Im not sure if I want to commit for it.

I’ve purchased some from him, and they weren’t as expensive.


Maybe you would find it worthwhile to clean up your technique so you don’t have to clean up your models later. It would probably save you a lot of work in the long haul.


Yeah, I am usually pretty good with being careful and not leaving any junks.

But at times, You have to let it loose and just be a bit more fluent with it. (for conceptual designs)
I hope you understand what I mean.

Or, It might be just my laziness kicking in.
I thought there would be a perfect plugin that is so obvious, but i just had been missing out all along.
Maybe I really should learn a bit more of programming…


You could get my ‘2d tools’ from the SketchUcation PluginStore…
It includes a tool to fillet or chamfer a corner [like several of the tools it will work out of the flat 2d-plane].
If you use it with a zero radius fillet it simply extends [or trims] the two picked edges to meet at a new shared vertex.


btw, I always would have done this with line tool and eraser.
The lines in this are not on green, red, blue axes. Can you please explain how you would use move tool?


I do understand what you are saying but I’ve found from the little experience I have with SketchUp that it is just a whole lot less work if I work cleanly from the beginning. I don’t leave stray lines, I soften edges as needed or weld edges together when it makes sense (thanks TIG) and I correct face orientation as I go. I don’t keep guides after they’ve done their job (keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete Guides) and I make sure I’m working with higher precision than I’d need in the final project. This helps me find dimensional errors more easily.

But that’s just me. :wink:


Click the end of one line, move to inference with the other, click to place, click the other line end and click to join.



TIG, I’ve always used the fillet tool to throw in radius (sorry, i’ve only the fillet function out of this toolset)
Since doing radius fillet leaves a guide point at the center, i thought it would leave guide points everywhere if i did with 0. but it didn’t!

Thanks. it is exactly what I am looking for :smiley:

BTW, anyway to hide some other buttons on your 2D Tools?
its a bit large toolset for just fillet that I use. (I’ve already got 3 rows, and 2 colunms on toolbar)
sorry, I am asking too much, aren’t I?

I was able to unload other icons via editing 2D#loader.rb
I hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile:


NONO, I totally agree with you.
I literally do all of that on the go. I don’t leave it to pile up. its more difficult to clean up afterwards.
I even weld all curves so it doesn’t leave additional line when push-pull.
what you described there is totally ME.

I consider myself OCD at my work as none of others do this way. and it does bug me a lot.
trust me. My models are clean…

Its just some rare occasions, I do this.
When tracing complex hand drawn sketches with lines going all different directions. (at least this time)

I may be being really foolish here. But i’ve never seen move tool throw in magenta inference to extend lines?
This works only in red, green blue axes?


You can get a magenta with the move tool, but it needs another segment to inference from. My four clicks was really only in reference to your very simple example, and I didn’t actually notice the red/green/blue comment. Phone screen too small.


yeah, creating another segment for each line would be a lot more hassle.
Thanks for your help Box.



I have experienced some bug splats using 2D Tools when undoing some operations.

What would be the best way to get the report back to you?


Importing geometry, like DWG format, might easily contain edges that doesn’t meet. That’s why I ended up making Edge Tools and adding the Close Gaps feature:

Either because the data came from other sources where people had not been that careful, or - as it often happened - it came from automated map data.


Please post the steps and the errors in the appropriate Tool’s thread in the sketchucation.com forums…