Send line to the edge

I can’t remeber it and I realy miss it. How to draw a line and send it to the edge of your model by using this shortcut. So you don’t have to drag it all the way down there. Stpd but I just can not recall or find it anymore. Have a nice weekend. Dion

What do you mean by “send it to the edge of your model”? Can you show at least a screen shot of what you are trying to accomplish?

I wonder what you mean by this? Do you mean the bounding box of a Group or Component? Unless you do, the edge is user defined. For example, if you are drawing a 2D plan and you start by drawing a rectangle much larger than your plan, you might call that the edge but only because you say so.

I’m intrigued!

Another thought…

In 2D CAD, there is often a tool that allows you to extend a line to meet another crossing its path. But I have never seen anything like that in SU.

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Start drawing the edge in the desired direction. Then type in the length of the edge and hit Enter.

That one I know. But maybe I am confused with the pull tool. I thought this could also be done by drawing.

It sounds like you are confused. If you were extruding faces with the Push/Pull tool you could pull once to a desired distance and then double click for the next one. That doesn’t work with the Line tool.

In the example you show you could also use Move/Copy with one of the existing long edges and make another one.

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Thank you for your help. It’s out of my head. :wink:

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There is no built-in command for “extend to first crossing edge”. With the thousands of plugins and extensions over the years, it seems possible that someone wrote one but if so I don’t know about it.

As you show, start the edge in the desired direction. Then press and hold shift to lock that direction. Finally, move the cursor over until you see an inference on the destination edge. Click and you are finished. Not quite as fast as a keypress, but not terribly slow.

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Yes. There’s at least one that has been around for a long time from Smustard.

1001 bit extension

or s4u connect