Extending an angled line

I’m trying to extend and angled line with the “purple inference”. Sometimes it will appear, then the next angled line i try to draw, it will not appear. Is there a button or command to make this work?

I’m aware of the red, green, blue inferences and know how to lock them. I need the purple inference.

To extend an edge by a certain length:

  • have nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool
  • hover over the edge till ‘On Edge’ pops up
  • now press and hold down [Shift]
  • while doing so, hover over the endpoint to be moved to make the extention, till ‘Endpoint’ pops up
  • (left click to) drag the endpoint in the desired direction (will be along the edge due to constraining to its direction)
  • release the left mouse button, immediately type the length of the desired extention and hit [Enter]

As Wo3Dan said, you need to make sure that you hover/move over the line you want to extend until you get the tool-tip before the pink line shows up. (/purple)

Another method is to simply draw over the line you want to extend and then type in a number bigger than the one you see in the measurements box - the line will extend to be that length.(As long as you don’t select another tool or start another action, typing in a number will work)

there are three ‘magenta’ direction lines at each edge end point,
one is Parallel, and two are Perpendicular to the edge itself…
when extending edges with the ‘Line Tool’, hovering over that edge after the first click, signals your intention to the inference engine…
holding “Shift” will ‘lock’ the Parallel direction, if you then release the “Shift”, that edge still has focus so finding it’s Perpendicular’s is easier…

it is sometimes easier to ‘lock’ the opposite Perpendicular to avoid other inferences…
a quick giff…

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The magenta inference on a straight line relates to different things depending on the context.
As you can see below
across a corner it will show you equidistant from the corner
hover over a line will give you a parallel inference
and coming off a non axis line you’ll get the perpendicular inference.