Lines become too segmented, leads to mistakes

Would like to say that when line drawing and making alterations as you go, the lines often end up with lots of random sized segments which can be very close together, so it’s all too easy to snap to the wrong one. Ive made numerous infuriating mistakes because of this. What would be very handy is a feature to “make lines one”.
Select the line, then reduce segments to 1. Unless theres a way already to do this?

With native tools or with Curvizard extension

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Ok thanks, but Curvizard gives no result in the extension warehouse

[SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation] Curvizard

Question is: how is it possible to end up with so many segments that are collinear?
Like @mihai.s shows in his video, as soon as you delete an attached piece of geometry SketchUp heals the two segments to one. Unless the edges on either side are not collinear.

Select the lines you want “as one”.
Right click : Weld

The CleanUp extension has a “Repair Edges” feature as well.

It’s worth noting that welding segments together doesn’t remove the endpoints, so they would still be a snap hazard.