Joining line segments into a true single line? (Seeking alternative to Weld tool)

Anyone have a good trick (or extension) for replacing line segments with a truly single line? The native weld tool seems to make a sort of group out of the line segments, but I have experienced limitations with this, and would usually prefer a more complete line replacement. Even drawing a new full-length line over the other lines doesn’t replace them.

One issue with the Weld tool: push/pulling a face containing welds results in a smoothed surface (i.e. a hidden line where the joint was), which cannot be push/pulled.

I’ve had other issues with the Weld tool, but I can’t remember them right now.

Weld won’t convert multiple edge segments into a single one. It creates a curve. Removing and redrawing the edges segments in one stroke would fix that. Or avoid creating the broken edges in the fist place.

If the edges are truly colinear, drawing a random new edge from their common endpoint and erasing it afterwards will join them.


Ooh nice trick. If there are a lot of segments it would be tedious though.

Update: Found a solution within the CleanUp³ extension – the Repair Edges function. Which can be mapped to a hotkey.

Surprised that the Edge Tools extension doesn’t have something like this.
nevermind, it does, see Mihai’s comment

The free extension Cleanup3 will combine split edges.

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Edge Tools

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Oh, nice! I stand enlightened