Fix broken line segments


If I draw multiple line segments how do it make them into 1 continuous line? I know its a basic question but brand new to sketchup. See attached pic. Thanks!!


Out of curiosity why??


Draw an edge starting at the in-line point you want to remove and going a short distance in any direction. Then erase the new edge. The endpoint will go away with the edge.

You can join many segments into a single polyline entity with the Weld plugin.



‘Welding’ [e.g. TIG-weld] will make selected Edges into a Curve which then selects as one object and extrudes into a smooth surface, but that Curve would still have multiple segments, even the ones which are in a straight line.

You can use the Move tool [with NO preselection] to relocate the mid vertices to one of the end vertices.

You could also use one of Fredo’s tools to ‘remove lonely vertices’ - this would then give a single edge instead of the three co-linear ones in your illustration…

Of course, changing your ‘Style’ to NOT display the end-points will also make the three lines look like one, the only difference is when used in an extrusion there will be additional edges/faces…