Deleting extra nodes from a straight line

Is there any way to delete extra (un-needed) nodes from a straight line? I’ve looked for a way to do that or to just merge the individual segments together - with no luck…

If it’s a straight line you could erase the segments and redraw it so it is one continuous line. Or you could weld the segments together using Weld from the Extension Warehouse.

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Another method is to draw a short line from the vertex (node) and then erase it. It’s slow but it works.


Excellent - Thanks!

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Instead of weld I prefer CleanUp from Thomthom because you get a single edge instead of a curve afterwards.


With nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool “grab” and shift the middle vertices (one by one) towards the end vertex. So just drop them on the end vertex. You’ll be left with only one segment running from first to last vertex.

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