Deleting points on lines

What’s the easiest way to delete a point on a line?

Sometimes, the way I delete them seems a bit tedious…
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I think it’d be more intuitive to be able to select points, then delete them. I think this method would be easier for new users to learn.
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Use one of the weld plugins that are available.
Tig Weld or Curvisard just to name two.
It’s worth noting that when welded all the segments are still there but the endpoints are gone.
The manual way you demonstrate removes the endpoints and makes the result one edge.

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You can drag and drop the “endpoints in between” to/on the corner endpoint, one after the other.
Do so with only the ‘Move’ tool selected, nothing else.


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@ecati that removes the endpoint markers but doesn’t remove the actual endpoints.


Weld plugin too tends to just join edges into curves, without merging co-linear edges.

ThomThom’s CleanUp can be used to actually merge edges back into one single edge.


As I said

I guess it depends on what you mean by endpoints. They are not highlighted by styles but there is still endpoint snapping and the vertices very much still exists.

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Sorry, I should have quoted my next line too.

In theory, I understand that drawing a short line from the endpoint, then deleting it, should merge collinear edges. But I find in practice, at least in a large model, it doesn’t always work.

Using the Move tool to drag a point to the end of the line it is on, making sure to pick up the endpoint inference at the end, works better. But if you aren’t careful, you can get an invisibly short edge if you just miss the end - a window round the ‘point’ can still select the short edge, and you can’t always zoom in close enough to see it and move it exactly to the original endpoint before clipping sets in.

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