Linking lines to make an object that I can use the push pull feature


I am new to this My biggist issue is to get lines to connect so I can push or pull them. Is there a way to make sure the lines are connected. I am sure there is something simple I just havent found it yet.


It’s hard to give you a specific answer without seeing where you are have problems, but often it helps to draw a rectangle first to then draw on and remove the excess.


Push/pull works with single faces, not with (connected) edges. To draw edges planar and in a closed loop (to form that face) you may want to draw on the ground plane or on some other large face, as @Box suggested. SketchUp just needs a plane or face as reference to keep new edges planar.


I try to connect the lines the best I can but offer they do not want to link together. It seems that the best is the rectangle. I was hoping there was a button or something that would connect the lines without having to find where the one spot that the lines are not linked. so I could add color or texter or pull the area.


As you draw edges, pay attention to the inference engine tooltips and snap markers. You will see them when the cursor moves over an existing endpoint. If you click at an inference endpoint to start a new edge, it is assured that the new edge will connect to the old one . That will leave keeping the edges coplanar (as discussed in previous posts) as you only task.


Thank you. I will give that a try. it gets rather frustrating when that
happens.when I cant get the ends to compete a square or anything. I rotate
the drawing and it s off the floor 2 t]ft or something is not right, Then
when I rotate the drawing the line that I thought I was drawing was going
up or down and was not even close to being on the line I was drawing to.
even some times the rectangle or square don’t end up where I Thought they
would be.
I guess I just have to keep drawing and practicing as I go.