Walls aren't connected

Hi all,
I’m new to this forum. Is there a way to make lines connect to create a wall?

I am trying to use the pull up feature and it’s not working and I’m assuming it’s because the lines that make up the wall aren’t connected.

You need to have a face for Push/Pull to have something to do. Share your SketchUp model so we can see what you have and help you sort out the problem you’re having.

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sketch.skp (98.5 KB)

Looking at it now. One momentum.

A few problem spots shown. There are a few gaps in your edges preventing a face from forming.

There’s a tiny little edge segment that is getting in the way of face creation, too. In the circle.

I fixed up all the gaps and removed that tiny little edge segment and was able to generate the face. See the file.
sketch.skp (92.6 KB)

There are actually a fair number of gaps, crooked edges, etc. that suggest you are not using SketchUp inference snaps carefully. Wait until you see a tooltip indicating a snap before you click to start or end a line.

Thanks so much! I have been trying to reply to you but for some reason I was temporarily unable to do so until a moderator verified my reply.

What would the tooltip look like please? I’ve been trying to search on the help but maybe my tool tips are switched off. Could that be possible?

Thanks again,


Typically you would see an “On edge” message like so:

There would also be a marker on the end of the edge you are drawing.

Thanks :slight_smile: