Radial Push/Pull? Pick Line Tool?

Hi All. Wondering if it is possible to do a radial “push/pull” on a curved item? I know p/p is typically a straight line thing but need to edit some curved objects to make them longer. It’s a long process to draw curves again and fill in all the lines. Thanks.

Also, is there a way to “pick a line” to add another line? I have curved parts butting together and again instead of having to draw a new curve to extend the object, it would be so much easier if I could “pick line” to extend the object. This also would ensure a perfect match of one part to the next. Thanks.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile. Show us what you are trying to do or share the.skp file. Maybe Joint Push/Pull would do what you need.

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Hard to guess without seeing the actual model.

There’s the Joint push/pull extension, because curves are made from multiple faces and that’s the best way to push/pull multiple faces that I know of…

You can offset a line to pull a shape out bigger?

You can grab the end of a line with the move tool to make it longer…

You can scale…


Hopefully one of the sages can help you better than this.

Edit:. Dave swoops in for the kill. :laughing:

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Thanks for the prompt replies guys. I’m a newby, first post. I’ll fill in my profile to have more info available.

I’m using 2021 Pro and need to upgrade that to 2022. Don’t really want to share the model as it’s of a product I want to take to market but I can possibly share bits of it or images. I’ll do that soon. Thanks again.

I’ve attached pics of the situations I’m working with. The fender is based on part of a circle. I changed the bottom line of the wall it attaches to so wanted to make the fender longer but on the same curve. Is there a quick way to do this rather than having to redraw arcs etc?

For the side wall images, the top of the wall is curved. As I changed the bottom of the wall (making the wall deeper) I had to lower the joint in the material. This is where a “pick line” tool would be good when creating new geometry or adding to existing as is the case here. I’ve made the two sections different colours for clarity, and I had to make the yellow piece bigger but keep the same curve on the end.

Hope that makes things clearer.

This may give an idea on how to extend your fender (Inference the center of the circle, rotate & copy from center):