Revit to DWG Not importing as groups to Sketchup

Hi all, I have built an entire house model in Revit, and changed all relevant settings for export to DWG (for my school assessment). I followed each step multiple times, but time after time once I have imported to sketchup, after exploding the one giant group, all the walls and roof’s seem to melt in to one.
In the instruction video from my teacher, his walls and roof’s were groups so he could hide/unhide accordingly. There is no way I can individually group these items as its just too finicky.
The only things that came over grouped is the doors and windows.

Does anyone know how I can make sure it is grouped for import?

What sketchup version and OS are you using? Sketchup for schools is a web based version for elementary school children.

Yep I realise that now! I clicked the wrong one lol.

Got it all sorted thank you!