Maintaining Product Grouping in external render software

Hi, I’m hoping someone is able to help. I have Sketchup Make and a render + design software called Articad for designing interiors. I have created loads of models on Sketchup and grouped different components. But every time I import the model in Articad, the whole model appears as a single group. I can’t change the textures and materials of individual components at all!
Has anyone else faced this issue? I haven’t yet bought SketchUp Pro as I am still learning the software. Is it something to do with not having a pro version or could it be some other reason?

I don’t use Articad so I can’t answer all of your question, but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with Make vs Pro.

Also wanted to add it only happens on the models I make. There are existing models on sketchup where the grouping is maintained. So it could be something I am doing wrong, but can’t understand what.

Please post an example model. Lacking that, I doubt anyone can help.


It may come down to what file formats you’re using, and what’s accepted as an import into Articad.

Have you thus far, only tried to open the default .skp SketchUp file within Articad. or have you been exporting your sketchUp models into a supported file format, and then trying to work with those?

I tried to look into this for you, but I can’t access the info I was hoping to find on Articad’s website at the moment. They don’t have a trail product I can download and look at, nor do they offer any documentation about their software in the form of user guides, reference manuals, or general tutorials. The best I can get so far, is to wait for them to contact me about a pre-sales question, and/or with a link to their trial version.

You might look into what file format options you should be using regards the imports, and trying out the different options available.

You might also try to direct your question to the Articad folks, as they should know what the optimal pathway is for importing models into their product. . . But then I’m NOT saying you won’t also find an answer here as well. . . it just may take longer. . . I don’t know how many people are using the combination of SketchUp and Articad on this forum.

My hunch so far is that you may need to run your sketchup model through some kind of plugin/export option which will convert it into a usable format for the articad software.

It might also be necessary to apply a texture/material onto you sketchUp model (from within SketchUp) before Articad will read them as such. (not sure if you’re doing this already)

And, I’m also not sure about grouped items in SketchUp. . . you might need to convert the groups into components on the SketchUp end, as the group items might not be recognized by Articad.

I’m sorry for not having more detailed info for you here. But I can’t find a way to get access to what’s required by Articad in terms of importing models. . . So I’m just trying to point out a few issues that might come into play (regrettably by having to guess).

I’ll certainly post back if I come up with something more solid.

Take Care, and I hope this helps a little,


Thank you for that! Atleast it eliminates 1 thing!