Change colours in Articad

Hi, Before I start I think I had better highlight that I am new to Sketchup :grinning:.

I’ve created a shelving unit in Sketchup using separate components but when I import it into Articad I can’t edit the colours of the shelves and supports individually - the unit is seen as one component.

Is this an issue with how I’m creating the model or how I’m saving it?

Cheer, Dave

It is probably about the way you import it into Articad (that I know nothing about). Articad might be expecting that you import every part that must stay separate separately.

Thanks for your reply Anssi but I’m not sure if that is right because If I import a similar model from Sketchup Warehouse then I can edit the colour of each component individually

You need to look at the two versions to see what the difference is.
You could add your file and a link to the specific warehouse object you tried and someone will compare them and see if we can determine what might be different.

modern sideboard.skp (333.8 KB) The modern sideboard is a model that I downloaded for the warehouse and the shelving unit is the one I created in Sketchup. I can change the colour if each component on the sideboard but not on the shelving unit 1200 x 1000 open shelf 2.skp (3.5 MB)

The “sideboard” model you posted has materials applied directly to faces inside the subcomponents. In your shelf model you have applied the white material to the subcomponents while the faces inside them remain unpainted with the default material. Apparently Articad ignores materials applied to groups or components and recognizes only those applied on faces.

BTW, the file size of your shelf model went from over 3.5 MB to 0.12 MB when I purged unused components, materials etc. stored inside it.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Anssi I’ve only just had chance to take a look at this again. Following on from what you have said I have redrawn the individual elements again adding colour from the outset before manipulating them into the finished shape and this seems to have worked fine.

With regards to the size is the purge something you do to Sketch up models to reduce the size or an imported model?

Yes. When you add components (like models from the 3D Warehouse) or materials to your model and then remove them, their definitions remain stored in the In Model components and materials collections. They can take a lot of space in memory or disk. The dialog in Window menu>Model Info>Statistics has a Purge Unused button. Pressing that will get rid of all those unneeded component definitions, materials and tags. As in the file you posted, this can often reduce file size dramatically.

Once again many thanks Anssi you’ve been a great help to this newby :grinning: