Importing architecture cad model to sketchup


i imported a cad architecture model to sketchup … but the problem is that it has been imported as component… so bcoz of this i face a problem wen i need to add details to my elevation…wat do i do?


A component or a group are just separated environments with geometry inside.
Imports come in as groups when you already have some geometry in your modelings space.
Otherwise they aren’t grouped for they can not mess up your model.

You can enter a grouped environment for editing by double clicking on it. This will bring you inside. Now you can add as if you were modeling in the highest level. Clicking outside the bounding box of the group/component will close the group/component and brings you one level up.

You can also right click on the grouped geometry and select ‘Explode’ to … break the group to bring its geometry one level up. But you might just want to have the geometry stay separated from the rest of your model.
Read about groups and components in the ‘Knowledge Center’.


I believe you can “edit component” or “explode” the component. If you need to you can re-group or re-create a component after changes are made. If components or groups are nested you may need to explode thru those to get to the base geometry.