Exporting Models to Articad texture issues

When I add a texture in SketchUp, the model looks fine!

I save the project as Sketchup2020 and open it into articad with no issues, however when I render the model in articad, the texture repeats itself in every polygon and not over the full model. So it looks super busy and a mess?

Any idea why this is happening?

Are you using skp format? did you try exporting different file formats and see what happens?
By the way, I don’t know Articad, but more often than not, this kind of problems belong to triangulation… Try to triangulate the mesh (there are several plugins to automate that).
Another problem traditionally related to this kind of artifacts is the material applied to groups/components… make sure to apply materials on the actual faces instead.

I import it as an .stl file from Shapr3D.

Then just apply a texture and save as sketchup2020 as apparently that’s the best way to then load it into Articad. I’ll have a look for one of these plugins and see if I can find a way to fix it.

Both “FredoTools” and “SketchUV” have tools for proper texture mapping and mesh triangulation. Maybe you can try those.