How to remove triangulations of texture when exporting image from Sketchup


I am trying to export an image of my model, I have a building with a texture i created from an image, the problem is that the texture in the image is triangulated!! while it is not on the model.

Any help?


What format are you exporting to?

Jpg image!

What do you get when you switch to Monochrome face style and turn on Hidden Geometry? Can you post a screen shot of that or better, upload the SKP file?

Ampliamento 24102016 1616_DP.skp (2.3 MB)
here’s the model,

the horizzontal cladding texture of the building in the middle, looks allright on the model, but it is triangulated when I export an image in jpg.

Please help!!

The problem stems from the way you drew the model and the way you scaled it down. The garage door on that wall was drawn at 300 meters wide! It then appears you scaled the groups in the model down instead of scaling the geometry inside.

You’re right, I started drawing the model, and once i realized the scale was wrong I scaled it down .001 times. If I was to scale it back big again, would that solve the problem? Or what if I tryed reapplying the texture?

Thanks for your help

You could restore it to its original size but the materials are too small for the giant faces. You could open each group and scale the geometry down. Remove the materials first, though. then after everything is the right size, pain the materials onto the faces.

If it was my project, I think I would abandon this one and start over drawing everything at the correct dimensions to begin with. This would eliminate potential scaling and other errors.