Triangulation messes up my set texture positions

Hi, I’m fairly new to Sketchup but have been using the program for a while. I got a model to where I like and want to test it in my game engine of choice, however the engine does require I use a plugin to triangulate the model in order for it to render properly. I’ve been using an old plugin for this for quite some time, however now that I have a model where I adjusted the texture positioning to be where I want it in Sketchup (right click -> Texture -> Position, etc.), triangulating the model resets this or at least just messes it up. Is there a plugin or a way out there where I can fix this? Of course I’ve undone the triangulation and also have kept the correct project file intact, I just mean along the lines of where I can export it properly, no help needed getting it back to how it was. Thanks!

Before triangulation:

After triangulation:

What do you use to triangulate?

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Is it UV mapped? Plugins are available to do such.