Revit Importing Exploded Already

Hello. I am importing Revit into Sketchup and suddenly (with the new update to SketchUp Pro 2020), the model is coming in with no groups. The walls and ceilings are already exploded and “sticking” to each other. This is extremely frustrating as each wall and ceiling component used to import pre-grouped.

Any solutions?

I’m also hating how the update brings the Revit model in with bright colors. It is an unnecessary step to delete all of the colors and a huge time waste.

@nbrown How are you importing the revit models?

These are the steps I follow:

  1. In Revit, change export options to ACIS Solids and “Export category properties BYLAYER and overrides BYENTITY”
  2. Export CAD dwg from a 3D view in Revit that includes all components (my current file is very small, it should be able to handle this without breaking out dwgs per component category)
  3. Change file type to AutoCAD 2013
  4. Open Sketchup, select Import & select new file
  5. Hit OK

Then it comes in with crazy colors and walls and ceilings are no longer individual components.

I haven’t needed this for a long time, but I used to get better results and faster imports by exporting from Revit face/mesh geometry instead of ACIS solids. SketchUp will convert solids to faces anyway.