Revit Importer - Texture Maps

Testing the revit importer for our office and seeing that sometimes texture maps come through and sometimes not - wondering if anyone else is seeing this and what might be controlling it.

The official help doc shows that the expected behaviour is for materials to come through as though in Revit’s “consistent color” mode (without texture maps).

But I have several models that have come through with some (but not all) of the revit texture maps intact, and there is a dialogue upon import completion noting “xx” textures not found.

These are models being received from a consultant, and versions of these models from a week apart are behaving differently, with the areas that are correctly mapped quite varied (24 textures not found one week, then 1000+ the next). Is there something in the way the revit models themselves are set up?

Screenshot 2023-10-23 111702


Revit textures are not saved in Revit files but in the Autodesk library or in some custom libraries. You may not have the same version of the Autodesk library as your consultant and you probably do not have the same custom libraries as your consultant.


Okay thank you - I can try to reach out to them and see if they can share their material libraries.

I would say that wouldn’t necessarily seem to explain why this week’s import differs so dramatically from the last (though will also confirm with them which areas they changed); if libraries are responsible for the missing textures would still expect it to import the ones that worked previously.