Revit Exported Components - Editing Textures

Hello All,

I have a question about workflow efficiency. I’m working with a model that has been exported from Revit. Surprisingly it has created a fairly clean file - normally the DWG’s are terribly messy. Anyways I’m taking time to texture it for the designers and I was wondering if there’s any trick to texturing all the window groups/components so that they all texture at once.

I’m currently having these issues: A. Alot of these are groups which is aggravating. B. When holding the skift Key it will only texture the outer face.

Any ideas?



Not really. It is years since I last used a 3D model exported from Revit in SketchUp to export to a rendering app. What I then got was quite an OK model, but it had similar problems like you describe. Doors and windows were components, but they were all unique so there was no hope that a material applied to a face in one would instantly appear in all instances of the component.

Awesome… I figured that would be the response. Some 3rd party exporting programs allow for cleaner models but I’ve found that most of the components are still unique. Its the worst when it’s exported all as exploded geometry. This model I’m currently working on is about half and half.

there is a very good tutorial for Revit to SU on this site…


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