Importing from Revit to Sketchup_ applying materials workflow

Hi everyone - Just would like to check if I’m using the best workflow for importing models from Revit to Sketchup.

The client sends either 3D CAD dwg format files or Sketchup Export files using the Revit Sketchup plugin from Slimlab to export the files.

The files are normally between 100-700Mb in size when I open in Sketchup.

When I import the CAD file I get a list of layers that helps me to separate(delete) the model content I do not need( M&E, terrain or steel structure) depending on what I need to show in my visuals. Applying materials is a little faster because most of the geometry has a color assign to it form Revit. However some geometry for example walls and glass share the same color then the process starts to separate the two and apply new materials.

When I get Skecthup export file from Revit there is no layers with geometry grouped separately and I can delete what is not required. But when it comes to apply textures all the geometry is white(default) color material. Then begins the task of separating geometry and opening up each grouped elements and apply materials.

On a small job this is acceptable but when working on large projects this is very time consuming. So much so that almost more then half the time is spend in preparing and cleaning the models before I can start rendering views.

I do use Cleanup and Material Tools plugins but this can take up to 30-50mins to process sometimes.

Is there perhaps a faster workflow or more productive way to approach this? I would be very interested to get some replies on other users experience on this topic.

Perhaps there is some better work flow methods?

Thank you.

In this version, where you export from Revit a SKP file, in order not to have to open each group to apply the material, you can use s4u Paint plugin. You will apply the material directly on the faces without opening any group.

Thank you for your reply. I have used s4u paint plugin and it does help with applying material to each individual surface. But what would be nice if I can over right the colour/material of a grouped item. Rathes applying on each individual surface in the group. s4u paint does speed up the process of applying the paint on a grouped element but you still need to apply on each face in the group.

If you could apply on all the faces of the grouped item in one click that would speed up applying paint.

The only other way I can think of to do this is to use the Material tools plugin. Use the remove all materials from the selected grouped item. But if this is a large model and you have a lot of faces this can take a very long time to process.

What do you think?

When using a SketchUp tool, look at the bottom bar and read what it says to you

In the case of s4u Paint, if you press the Ctrl + Paint object (second icon) and right-click on a group, a window will let you to choose to paint Faces and not the Group. No need to open any Group.

And you can do this… the 4th icon (first choose another color in Materials Tray).

Thank you. I will need to buy the plugin to see if it works for me. Can’t test it without buying.

To clarify. With s4u paint you can paint the all same material in the group or you can paint individual surface inside the group without opening the group?


Look at tutorial and extension page: s4u Paint -

Without opening a Group/Component
Use first icon ‘Paint Face’ + Shift(all faces in model) / Ctrl (all connected)

Thank you for this!!!

My last workflow does not need additional tools because Revit is able to export DWG with “materials”, with additional settings you can apply material by categories.

Thank you all for your help and tips :wink: I will test this and see if this will help me with my workflow. Have a fantastic day!