Revising document, need to insert new model

Hi guys, hoping someone can give a clue on how to revise my house plans with out losing a bunch of work.

I had a near complete set of plans generated from a model. There became so many revisions I decided to make a new model and start fresh. I have many details that can be used as is on several LO pages.
But on more than half of my pages I want to use the new model scenes. There’s some pages that have text and such that I hope to save but with updated model scenes from new model.

I was told not to insert the same model multiple times into the LO doc. So I am trying to figure out how to use the new model on various pages as the main model and keep some pages as they are.
To bring the existing model from one page to the next I have been just duplicating the page and start the new page from there. So, kinda hoping someone may have a way to poke the new stuff on the holes where I want to delete the previous drawings( model scenes).

Can I just put the new model in the scrap book? And drop it in on the pages then access scenes from it?
Now, I hope to

Hi Correy,

Sorry. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you.

As for your question, you should be able to relink to the new .skp file in Document Setup>References. As long as the new file has the same scene names all the viewports should get replaced.

Yes, thanks Dave, no worries on that. I’ve been away from the computer doing site work at the property.

in regards to getting two models working in LO, …

There are pages that have extensive text info like the title page, that also has an iso view. I can delete the view port then insert the new model. Then a couple pages in, on elevation page I’d like to use some scenes from the new model. There are a few pages I’d like to keep entirely but new to use mostly the new model through out. As the floor plan has changed a fair bit.
Some pages with foundation detail, framing details etc… are fine and don’t need to really relate to the new floor plan ( model).
Feels like I need to start from scratch again. Can you save individual pages from a LO doc and add them to another LO doc?
There is a lot of work in page set up, notes, and such that can be reused.

So I made a new page, inserted the new model there, and saved it as a scrapbook entry. Seems I can drop in that one view port now on any page and work from there. Am I working my way into a kerfluffle?

If you relink to the new model ANd the new scene has the same name as the old one, the new one will replace the old one without need to delete the old one first.

You should be able to do that. Again, if the scenes have the same name, relinking that file should result in replacement of old with new. Or you can copy that first viewport from the title page and paste it onto the Elvations page before selecting the desired scenes.

With that information it might make sense to go ahead and delete the old viewports you don’t want and then instead of relinking to the new SU file, use File Insert and set up the viewports that need to come from that new file.

Understood. Sometimes knowing when to quit timming the board and get a new one is the hardest thing. :wink:

You can copy a page from one document to another. Have both LO docs open, select the content on the page in the old doc, go to a blank page in the new doc and paste. If there’s a lot of file to copy it might take a few moments.

I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t have bothered saving it as a scrapbook. Effectively you just made a new LO file with your model in it. You wind up in the same place as inserting the new SketchUp file into your existing document once you start using the scrapbook.

Hopefully the site work is going along well.

better than the plans lol.
Site work is always fun

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Thanks for the help, again.

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