New pages come up blank?

Hi folks, learning how to use LO currently.
When I add a new page to LO is pops open blank. How would you guys/gals typically bring forth the scenes your working from to the new page?
Do you insert you model each time for a new page? OR duplicate a page for the new page and change to another scene???
Thanks for some tips…

That’s normal if you create a new page. At least unless you have content on layers that are shared across pages. You can duplicate a page and have the exact same content as on the previous page. Then change the SketchUp viewport to the desired scene and change the rest of the content on the page to suit.

My preferences, since I don’t want to copy things like labels, dimensions of LO drawing objects is to copy the viewport from one page and paste it on the next. Depending on the viewports I might actually go back more than one page to get a viewport to copy. It depends on how the viewports are set up.

DO NOT insert the SketchUp model more than once. One time is enough.

Thank you Dave.
I guess I still haven’t wrapped my head around layers in layout.
I have been doing just as you offered to duplicate page. With extra deleting on the new page. Slow but works for my current monkey level of skill. Just trying to bull through to submit plans for my workshop building permit…

side query, if ok to add on an ask OT…
If I select an element such as text, right click copy, then point to paste, nothing appears. But copy is over layed on source element. Which can be moved to desired position. How can I just copy and paste to a location? Layers right??? ARRRGGGHHHHH

lost in hawaii,

Hmmmm… I wonder if a little one-on-one might help clarify.

Paste in LO is always paste in place meaning that the pasted thing is always put in the same location relative to 0,0 (the top left corner of the page. This is extremely useful when stacking viewoprts and when copying from one page to another. Also note there is a Paste to current layer option in the context menu which allows you to paste something from one layer to another. Again, an important thing when stacking viewports.

No. Just copy and paste and then move the pasted object either with the cursor or the Cursor keys.

Thanks for the replies Dave. I think for this project I can squeak thru without stacking layers. I’m ok with the scenes I made they are representative enough for my current purposes. I do see and understand the usefulness of stacking in LO and organizing layers in LO. And look forward to learning to use them correctly. I’m on a time crunch to get a plan package together to get my septic design before my excavator guy shows up in a week or so. ( been a week or so for 6 months, but fingers crossed for next week or the next… lol)