Insert the last save scene into a new page in layout

This is completely new to me, so I will need some help knowing how to ask for help. The reason I joined this forum is to ask a specific question, which I assume is the reason why most people here joined. My question has to do with not being able to insert the last save scene into a new page in layout. Everytime hit “insert”, I get the same last scene as before, not the new scene. It is probably (hopefully) a simple answer, but I have read as much as I could about this problem so this is my last desparate attempt to find an answer. Do I ask this question in sketchup or layout?


It is probably as simple as “saving the scene” you want to appear when you insert. You keep getting the “last scene saved” because it was the last scene saved. Navigate to the scene you want to insert on the new page then save. This scene will become the last scene saved. But I must caution that this is not the best way to do this. If you navigate to another scene and save, then that scene becomes the “last saved scene” and when you update the inserted model, this new scene will take the place of the other scene since you already inserted a “last saved scene”. Does this make sense? It is best to save the scene with a name then insert that scene into you new page - don’t use the “last saved” scene function if you are inserting more than one scene.

Have a look at “File - Document Setup - References” you can update links.
For the workflow have a look here: