Change SU Ref in LO while keeping the old one


In LO, I would like to:

  1. Make a duplicate sheet
  2. Then keeping the exact same floor plan settings, scale, the already in place dimensions (! maybe asking too much here… :slight_smile: ) , the position on the page etc and so on… relink JUST this file on the new page… keeping the original which is now on the Original sheet unchanged.

It seems that the only way to do this is to re-insert the new file and then rest the scale, placement and other settings and so on,…


There isn’t a direct way to do this but it can be done. Save your existing LO file so you are sure to have the original. Then use Save as… and save with a different file name. In this new file, relink the reference to the new Sketchup file. Make any other edits you need to make on the page and ave the changes. Then with this new file and the original file open copy the content on the page of the new file. Obviously you won’t need to copy page borders or other things that are on shared layers. In the original file, create a new page if you don’t already have it and then hit Edit>Paste (or the appropriate keyboard shortcut.) Presto! New page looks like the other page but with new model and additional SKP reference.

FWIW, the dimensions won’t transfer over because they would be linked to the old model. By changing the reference you’ll disconnect the model from the dimensions. So you’ll need to place new dimensions and labels that are linked to the new model.

Thanks DaveR! something for the wish list…

Yeah. Maybe one day. I can think of loads of more pressing wish list items to deal with first.

:slight_smile: i am a master of “work arounds” so that works for me! thanks again…

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