Reloading new models into a Layout page

I have one Layout file and four SU models (Schemes A,B,C,D). Each Layout page is a scheme. The Layout page has 8 views per page. Is there a way to duplicate Scheme A page and just reload the alternate Scheme SU models in established view locations without inserting/dragging/dropping all new view ports?

The scenes saved in each SU model for each page are identical just variations on the design. Example attached.

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in document setup you could relink to the other file from a copy of the LO doc?

There isn’t a direct way to do it in one document but it can done by utilizing a second document. Save your document with Scheme A and then use Save as to create a new copy with a different name, let’s say “Other schemes”. Open both files. In the Other schemes file, go to Document Setup>References, select the SKP file and relink it to the Scheme B SketchUp file. After the viewports are updated, select them, copy them and paste them on page 2 or your Scheme A document. Repeat the process for each of the other schemes using the Other Schemes file as the go between.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a request for this sort of thing before but I can see that having the option to add references and exchange them could be useful.

If you just relink as wrc suggests, you’ll replace your Scheme A with Scheme B instead of adding Scheme B to the document.

Thanks. I looked a document settings but it didn’t seem the reference files could be page specific. Having a new independent Layout doc is not a big deal. I was just trying to take advantage a single multi option file.


I think I’d have to try it to fully understand it, could you save your same sketchup file as different names, a procedure you’d have to go through each time a revision was made, but the LO doc would reference the alternative file in the link? Maybe I’m missing the point !! maybe I will try to set it up for myself as it seems worth figuring out.

There has got to be a smart way to do this that Im not seeing. Related to the topic I made individual Layout documents, for each Scheme, from a duplicated root Layout doc.
Utilizing Document Setup in the new Layout doc it would not globally or individually change viewports to the current model views. I tried update, relink, unlink, edit, purge. Maybe duplicating a Layout doc embeds files?

Any ideas from Layout experts?

I just had to delete and reinsert, align, resize, rescale, realign, all eight views to get the updated options. I had to reorder the scrambled text and images (i.e. send to front). This all probably wouldn’t be so bad if it had at least the formatting functionality of a Microsoft Power Point, but it doesn’t, its like molasses. I would spend a day setting up sheets for 4 schemes this way. The workflow is just frustrating because there is so much potential; but to create the numerous presentation studies I need, at this rate it will be faster to just save image files out of the SU model and work in Photoshop or Power Point. Apologies for the rant.

So you didn’t do what I described? The process I described would get what you want done showing each of your schemes on different pages in one LayOut document.

Not completely. I did duplicate the LO doc (Other Schemes). Since I didn’t get it to file update with Document Set Up I didn’t copy that page back to Scheme A yet.
I will wrestle with again.


What do you mean you didn’t get it to “file update…”?

How about creating a 5th SU file, whereby you start by copy/paste scheme 1 SU file. Then delete model (importantly keeping scenes) insert each of the 4 SU models in the same original XYZ location and bearing, but on different new layers.

Next update existing scenes to new layers’ visibility. Last create 24 new scenes (8 views x 3 remaining models).

Moving to LO, relink new 5th file in Document Setup.

With your first page set up, duplicate sheet and revise viewport scenes to next scheme’ s scenes, repeat thru completion.

The duplicated references all receive the same link, there is not a ‘make unique’ tool for references in LayOut, though this would be a nice feature request.
So, a work around is needed.
I would make a template from the first, open and save the others in that template, then copy and paste in one, I guess.

I have often wished for a way to do what OP is after.
(I currently use the copy & paste method as Dave describes)

The way I think it ought to work would be while you have LO viewport(s) selected you have the ability to select a different SU file reference.


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It would be nice to be able to choose a new reference for selected viewports. That would be a good feature request. In the meantime, the method I describe and which Charlie uses works fine and is easy to do.

A quick example following the description of the OP’s setup.

Four SketchUp files representing four different schemes. Each scheme has five scenes.


In LayOut, document started using Scheme A model. Viewports distributed on page as needed. Note: It is critical that the scenes not be modified in LayOut.

File saved and named, of course. Then a copy is saved with Save as… and a new name. In this case, saved as “Scheme”.

Relink the SKP file to Scheme B.

Copy the viewports and paste on a new page in the original document.Repeat for each of the other schemes. No need to create different documents for each scheme. When finished, each page will show a separate scheme and all of the viewports will be lined up just as the OP requested. Just use the same “Scheme” file for each additional scheme.


I would like to see the above FR.
At the very least, please add a reference to the SU file name in LO Sketchup Model panel.
So that in multiple SU model references, we can have a simple reminder.

I have attached a possible solution.
Thanks for your consideration.


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I’ve been able to make this work. The only difference is I am using a single SU model with the options defined by layers. I then update the scenes inside the model for preferred individual layout page. Until a page or view port specific link is available this will do. Thanks for the help.


Using the same SketchUp model for all of the schemes makes more sense anyway. It would be much easier to manage, especially if you need to make edits that affect all of the schemes. As I wrote before, just make sure to avoid creating modified scenes in LayOut.

FYI. Two different SU model reference files on the same LO page using the copy/paste from “dummy” file recommended by Dave. In Document Setup>references both C and D models are listed as current. Not sure what would happen if I updated one.


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If you modify one of the SketchUp files and then update the reference to it in LO, those viewports that refer to that SketchUp file will update with the changes assuming that the scenes haven’t been modified in LayOut.

Modified or not, they will update, though. If you don’t have scenes in your SketchUp Model and only use the ortho elevations in combination with the last saved view, it wouldn’t hurt.
With perspective Viewports, however, it would be problematic maintaining the same view, being inherently intertwined with the camera position and FOV.

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