Reverting to Sketchup Make after Pro trial

I have seen so many conflicting posts online so I’m hoping to get a definitive answer.
My daughter uses SketchUp Pro at school. When she wants to work at home she saves her work as a 2017 file and uses SketchUp Make on my PC. This works perfectly well and allows her to do the modelling required for her schoolwork.
But she has a big presentation coming up that involves a lot of Layout work, and Layout is not available in SketchUp Make.
So I am tempted to upgrade to the Pro Trial for 30 days, which will cover her for the presentation period, so she can continue working at home.
However, several posts online seem to indicate that once you choose the Pro Trial, you can’t go back to SketchIp Make. Nevertheless, other posts say the opposite - that you can go back to SketchUp Make.
Can anyone tell me definitively which is true? If we upgrade to a 30 day Pro trial, will I still have access to Make after that period?

From my expierence- i use sketchup make 2017 and have installed the trails of 2018 pro and 2019 pro without loosing 2017 make.
Each version is installed in its own setup directory, so it does not disturb the other versions.
Each version has its own folders for plugins - means you need to install the used plugins used in make in the pro trail too.
So, it should not a problem to install the pro 2019 on our system parallel to the 2017 make.
After the trail period is over- simple deinstall the pro 2019.


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Thanks - I’ll give that a try (I was going to click the “30 Day Trial” button in the splash screen for Make, but I’ll try it the way you suggest - as a second parallel installation.)

Yes, when your daughter is using pro 2019 at school- then its a better approach to give her the 2019 pro trail in addition to the installed make 2017 :wink:


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Or give her the Subscription to SketchUp Studio, which will give her access to SketchUp for a year.
It is about the price of a collegebook…

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If you’ve had Make 2017 installed for longer than 30 days, then you’ve already been through it’s one time 30 day trial. (So as said above, you’d need to trial a newer version.)

Yes - good suggestion. I was close to doing that actually, but I’ve now downloaded a trial and that’s working well (it’s a new software instance, and Make 2017 still exists as a separate application).

When I say I was close… I was actually hovering over the purchase button on the Student edition, when I read that there was a delay in processing student software and it would be at least a one business day lag. So, the project is due this week, and that was the weekend and a business day therefore became over 48 hours, which was a good chunk of the available time. They just missed getting my money by this much.
(My feeling is they should do it by a grace period really - get the software instantly but the license only lasts some short period - maybe 72 hours - and is cancelled if they can’t verify the scan of the student card. Nobody wants to put their credit card info into a site and then be told - you’ll get your software sometime next week!)

I’m not sure whether this is at odds with your post, but Make prompts you every time to go pro, like this:

I think the confusion maybe comes about because I suspect if you click the button, you can’t go back to Make. You may or may not be able to install Make again - you probably can, but the other posts in these forums suggest people have found it difficult to reinstall Make after “upgrading” it.

If you installed the trial ( SketchUp Version 2019) you would have to log in with your Trimble ID. The Trimble ID is attached to an emailaddress and you would receive multiple notifications during the trial period of 30-days.
You do not have to buy to get a trial for that matter. Only when the trial period has ended.
Now you know there is a one day delay, decide before day 29 of the trial if you want to buy :smiley:

Educational licenses are bought via a reseller. Outside the USA and Canada, there are Distributors with their own network of resellers. They are not part of Trimble but do get to sell SketchUp on Trimble’s behalf.

Yes, that’s essentially what I did I guess. I installed the trial in lieu of being able to get the student version instantly. So now, within the next month, we’ll decide whether it’s worth getting a student subscription (she’ll keep using sketchup in other courses at school, but since this week is the huge major submission for the main design subject, it’s less likely she’ll need Layout at home for other subjects).

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions though!

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