Correct way to transition from Sketchup 2017 PRO to Make when 30 day PRO trial ends?

What is the correct way?
I have downloaded Sketchup 2017 Make and installed fresh. This works.

But are we supposed to uninstall Sketchup trial (layout and style builder)
then download and reinstall Make afresh?

I thought the opening screen that says Buy Pro now when the trial ends
would have a button that says something like,
“unable to buy now? Keep using Sketchup Make or such…”

I searched Knowledge base and Google and this forum.
Thanks for help.

The correct way would have been to use the Make download from the start, use the Pro trial for the 30 days and then let it roll over to Make on its own.

If you downloaded Make in the first place, it’ll take care of rolling over to Make for you.

If you downloaded Pro instead of Make, the next best thing would be to fulling uninstall SketchUp Pro which will take out Style Builder and LayOut. I’d do a registry clean after that. Then install SU Make using Run as administrator.

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Thank you Sage.
I thought I had done this but thanks.
Also thank you so much for the earlier info in a thread about the Win 10 update that was causing the freeze.

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