SketchUp 2017 free version reactivation


I have used up my 30-day trail period for SketchUp Pro 2017. Now I want to us the free version of SketchUp 2017 again. How do I do this? It does not give me the option of going back to the free version. Must I reinstall SketchUp 2017?


Based on that, you didn’t actually install SketchUp Make. You installed SketchUp Pro so it’s expecting a license key to be entered now.

Yes. You wouldn’t have had to if you’d installed Make in the first place. It would revert to Make automatically once the 30 day trial period elapsed. Download the Make version here.


Thank you very much for the reply and advice.

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Good luck. It’s not clear from your profile if you are using Windows or Mac but I’m guessing Windows. When you get set to install Make, ensure that you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.



I am using Windows.

Thank you I managed to download and install SketchUp Make. It is working
thank you.

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