Resurrect corrupt layout file?

Grasping at straws here but anybody got any advice on the above?
Both the main file and the auto save appear corrupt. Just wont open and go into endless beachballing.
Quite annoying (understatement) as I have to submit the revised scheme tomorrow. Other drawing files worked on in the same period work just fine. Mac, High Sierra SU2018.

Hi bifterx, would you mind emailing me the file or uploading privately.
We will take a look at it.


If you’re seeing beach-balling on open, try the following:

  1. Start LayOut with a new blank document.
  2. In the “SketchUp Model” inspector, uncheck the box at the bottom that says “Auto”. This disables automatic rendering of out-of-date SketchUp viewports.
  3. Open the file that you’re having trouble with.

If your file now opens properly, you can start figuring out which viewport is causing the issue. Often, if it’s a large LayOut file with a lot of viewports, a complete high-quality vector rerender could take a very, very long time. Splitting it up into a single viewport at a time will give more visibility into the re-render process.


Thanks Marc it’s actually a relatively simple layout , 3 viewports . I think I might have sorted, I left it running (layout was non responsive during this time) and after approx 3 hours it popped open. I updated the model ref and saved it as another file name. Now it opens fine and displays in about 30 seconds, it must have been a issue with a particular scene in the model file in the package. Although I have 3 other drawings all referencing the same model file and they were opening fine.
Useful tip about the ‘auto’ box.
Thanks for the response, to be honest I’ve never never had an issue with layout files in all the years I’ve been using it.

Many thanks

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