Issue Opening LayOut files


Having an issue opening my layout files - I already created the file in Layout to scale, now trying to reopen in layout to export to AutoCad but every time I attempt to open the file the program crashes. I am running Sierra and I already checked to make sure sure the program was running from the applications folder.

Any Help would be appreciated! Thanks

SketchUp and macOS Sierra

Can you open LayOut on its own? Can you open other LayOut files? Can you share the LO file? We could check to see if we can open it.


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I can open layout on its own and it will let me open other files

Is there a way to share a large file - the upload option on this thread will not hold the file.



Drop box.



We’ll see what happens.




Strange. I get a spinning wheel and a Not Responding message with LO on the PC.

I wonder if @trent might have a trick. I’m going to poke at it some, though.


Trent’s out today.

So far my LayOut hasn’t crashed, but it’s deep in a re-render of a viewport. I see the HLR system working, so it’s either a vector viewport or a hybrid viewport. The viewport was originally inserted from a file named “building models.skp”.

If I force the viewport to raster render instead of hybrid render, it renders properly. So, there’s something about that particular model & view that’s choking the vector render algorithm. I’m going to guess it’s those wall panels that look like they’re louvered.



Thanks for that Marc.

Could it also have something to do with the texture files on entities that aren’t visible in the elevation view?


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