Layout File Will Not Open

Just yesterday, I was working on both a SketchUp file and a corresponding LayOut file. Today, I am able to open the SketchUp file, but the LayOut file will not open (shows the spinning circle and shows “not responding”) I am able to open other LayOut files. Please help.

How big is the LayOut file? Is there a backup copy of the file in the same folder and can you open it? Can you share the LO file?

File size is 38mb. There is a backup copy and I was able to open it, save it to a new name, and then open the newly named file.

Since I had the file open and was working on it just last night, and simply saved it, but could not open it this morning, I would like you to look at it.

Too Large to upload here. See files in the following Google Drive folder:

LayOut is definitely slow in opening the file but it still seems to be working on it. How did you have the viewports rendered?

While I’m waiting for the LO file to open I’ve been poking at your SketchUp model. I found a little bit of incorrect tag usage. Probably from the imported dwg file.
Screenshot - 10_26_2022 , 11_32_18 AM

And some unused stuff that ought to be purged.
Screenshot - 10_26_2022 , 11_32_42 AM

And some excessively large texture images.

After purging and making those textures more reasonable the SketchUp file size is reduced by a little over 47%. Reducing the SU file would certainly help the LO file.

I’ll be back after I get your LO file opened.

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I did try setting some of the 3D views viewports to vector. I noticed it to took a long time to process the change. As I mentioned, I was able to open the backup file fairly quickly and am working in it right now. Should I change those 3D vector viewports back to raster?

I will purge the SketchUp. Didn’t realize the impact.

What do you mean by incorrect tag usage?

Vector rendering is slower than Raster so at least while you are working it is better to leave viewports set to Raster.

The SketchUp file is a large part of the LayOut file. All of the edges in your model, though, will tend to slow things down as LO goes through the rendering process as does the oversized texture images. And unneeded bloat in the SU file doesn’t help.

Your file opened for me finally. I see some of the viewports are rendered as Hybrid. Those can be slower than Vectore because there’s the vector linework but also textures. Those big textures will take longer to render.

There’s something on sheet 07 that is very slow. Haven’t gotten to that page yet.

All edges and faces in the SketchUp model should be untagged. It’s only groups and components that should get tags. Imported CAD files tend to come in with their geometry tagged with what were layer names in the original file. At some point you want to fix that and of course any geometry you create in SU needs to remain untagged.

I guess you’re able to work with the backup file so that’s good.

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BTW, I’m seeing a lot of disconnected dimensions in the plan views. Not sure what happened to lose the persistent IDs that keep the dimensions linked to the model.

Edit to add: I replaced the SketchUp file in your LayOut file with the one I purged and stuff. I also set all of the viewports to render as Raster for the time being and I purged a couple of unused files from the LO file. LO file size is reduced by about 30%.

After all of that the file opens in less than 6 seconds.

I also noticed that you aren’t letting dimensions auto-scale. Is there a reason for that?

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Thanks for all advise.

The current version of the model is a major layout revision resulting in a need to adjust some of the scenes. This caused all of the labels and dimensions to move in relation to the model scene.

I know about the auto-scale, but found it did not work for all situations. Can’t remember what that was, but thanks for pointing out and I will turn it back on.

I’m think the main issue with load had to do with the Hybrid setting. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the Material Resizer tip.

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