Layout file would not open


I have been working on su and layout for a project, now with a deadline tomorrow, i cannot open the file any more, It gives the message Layout file cannot open, I tried the back up and still no use, I tried renaming it, still no use. I went to the forum, asking to make a zip and send over, but no news if ever the problem was resolved, why it happened and what not to do to re occur. Please can any one give any suggestions? My file size is only 27,931 kb, I have sketchup Pro 16 and the layout that comes with it.
I just cannot think of redoing a new file with weeks of work done.
any solutions?


Share the file with me and I’ll take a look.


Thanks Mark, I just sent it via google drive, let me know what you think is the problem.


Any resolution? having the same issue.


These sorts of issues are usually file-specific. If you share your file with me I will take a look.



did you get it?


No none yet, no response from the upper echelon of sketchup either. I did
send the file, but they could not open it either. Mean while I had to
recreate my layout file.
I have been very careful in using layout since then, trying to keep the
file small and tidy, not doing too many commands at a time, and keeping
backups at major milestones.


This problem was either created by making a pdf of the file or the presence of 2017 on my computer.


yes I did send my file, but no resolution or even suggestions to what may
be done to prevent future happening of such incident, except make backups


in my case i was using su 2016, and i was doing rapid mouse clicking to
draw lines or something, and layout went into (not responding- and need to
close) then I closed, but it would not open again.