[RESOLVED WITH UPDATE] Tray lag response (latest version 23.0.419 on Windows 10)


I’ve noticed an issue with the following 2023 version:

Screenshot 2023-08-12 16.04.43

When I go to select a tag, there is a lag. It appears that when I click on an item, the action only proceeds when I click back on the model. The same thing happens when I click on Entity Info, for instance if I selected a circle and wanted it to be made of more segments. I click on the circle and Entity info is populated, but when I change the segment value, it does not show until I’ve clicked away. So far this issue is intermittent but frequently enough to make me use 2022 instead. Hopefully this video will demonstrate.

The only other apps running are typical browsers (Chrome).

I can’t tell from the screen recording what tag the house is set to. If I try hiding tags in 2022 and 2023, or change the segments in a circle, the behavior is the same in both versions.

Yes, I find it does sometimes work normally. The house example is just a new 2023 file created for testing (in case it helps to know).

Just an update, something is definitely strange with the trays. When SU 2023 opens it presents as this:

It has the problem described before, in that a tray will only respond to user interaction AFTER the model has been clicked on. For example, clicking the “new tag” button does nothing. It’s only when I click elsewhere that the user action is completed.

Short term solution: to hide trays, then unhide them.

Small update to say the problem appears initially resolved with version 23.1.319