Tag Tray is not responsive

SU 2020 Pro.
I have been using 2020 since it was released. It worked Fine.

Noe the Tags tray is completely inoperable. Cannot turn a tag visable or not. Cannot chose and highlite a tag for delete. Cannot add a tag.

Situation is the same on trying to start a New File or work in an existing file that has previously worked fine.

I went back and started SU 2019 pro and the tag feature works fine.

I am stumped.

Richard K

It might help:
Try to download the installer again from here: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all
Then right click on the installer and “Run as administrator”. When prompted choose “Repair”…

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I know a way to fix this in the registry, but also some have reported that using View, Toolbars… and doing a reset of those, fixed the non responsive trays issue.

The suggestion made by @dezmo has been shown to work by others who have reported this. Make sure to follow his instructions to download the latest installer, then right click on it and choose Run as administrator from the context menu. If you are presented with the option, select Repair. You shouldn’t see Repair if the installer is for a revision newer than the one you currently have.

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Good Morning Dave,

Initially I followed his suggestion but missed the “run as administrator”.

That was not successful.

Finally, I reran the installer as administrator and chose the Repair option. I had recently upgraded to the latest version.

Then I logged out and back in at Trimble.

I then cleared out Chrome Browser cookies.

All appears to functioning well now.

Thanks again for your help.

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I am a retired casework shop owner. Fortunately I found this independent consultant work. The job augments my retirement. I am 75 years of age. I enjoy my work.

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Richard Kleinschmidt

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Good Morning Dezmo,

I had reran installer initially without success. On your suggestion, I ran it again as administrator and choose repair.

That appears to have resolved the issue.

Thanks for your help.

Richard Kleinschmidt

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Thanks Colin,

I forgot that I had made a previous post as I had a problem with trays upon my original upgrade to SU 2020 pro.

See my post of April 6 “Trays inaccessible not responsive”.


Glad it’s all working for you now. It would be interesting to know which thing was the real fix. Might have been just clearing caches. As before, using Run as administrator for the installer is always a good idea. It very likely fixed something even if it didn’t fix this particular problem. We’ve seen all sorts of odd behaviors due to Windows permissions problems that stem from not using Run as administrator.

Good on you to find the enjoyable consulting work and on the cycling. Do you ride on the streets in Minneapolis or get on paths to ride?

Have a great day.

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