Resizing the image with measuring tool

I have used Sketchup many times before, except the last two years. The only current option I see is the new 2017 version. I am having trouble resizing the image. Using the measuring tool, when i try to resize the image, it does NOT allow me to change the size. After inputing the measurement at bottom right hand side (i.e. 50’), it does not show me the box asking me if i want to resize the model or not. That box ALWAYS appeared before and not sure why it is not showing me that box now. I have tried it on both my laptop and desktop and same thing happens. I have uninstalled the program about 3 times, restarted computer each time, and still i can’t resize the image. Any suggestions?

default is now to make a guideline, use Control [Alt/Option on mac] key to switch to measure mode…


Thanks John, it worked! Thanks a lot!!!