Resize feature seems to have gone


I often import a graphic of a floorplan from a client or forum member. I find a long measurement and measure it using the measure tool - I then type the actual measurement into the lower right input window and it asks me if I’d like to resize the model, I say yes and it resizes the graphic so all measurements are to that new scale.

It now creates a guideline along the axis of the measurement.

Why has this feature disappeared in version 2017, it’s a very important feature I use regularly.


Press the Ctrl (Windows) or Alt/Opt key (Mac) to get the Tape Measure tool to behave the way it did in earlier versions of SU when you want to scale the whole model.


the default changed…



Does that mean it now can scale individual geometry?


It doesn’t do anything it did not do before, they just swapped the default setting vs what you get when you press ctrl.


Excitement -8

I always seem to miss the joy of updates because I end up having to install the update during a major work stress and don’t have play time with it. Most irritating.